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Haori I4123 -  kimono jacket hand-stitched by kimono makers in Japan       Previously worn but in good condition.     White silk has been stitched with threads in small areas and drawn up tightly, then hand dyed with complex mix of purple and green dyes.   The shibori dyed areas formed abstract leaf patterns and floral patterns.   Some undyed white areas have been painted with tiny gold metallic painted flowers.  Lined in pale gold and white print silk with Japanese pear flowers.   Fabric has raised areas typical of shibori dyeing.   Some areas of white have patina from age and appear as tea colored stains but are not prominent.   Features the traditional hanging sleeve of a kimono.    Measures 51" from sleeve tip to tip.   Length is 33" from back of neck.   Hip area across the back is  25".    Haori jackets do not wrap, are worn open.

Haori Jacket I4123

SKU: I4123
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