Japanese Bag I4259 - vintage curved beaded handbag from Japan with elaborate designs.
The bag is heavily beaded and gathered into a rounded shape at the bottom trimmed with a little tasseled ball.  The top has edges that are attached to form flaps.    One flap lies
perfectly flat but the other side curls under.   That same curled flap has one string of silver bugle beads that need to be restitched to the edge.  (but no beads are loose, see last
photo)   I think you could put a few stitches thru the thickness of the flap against the bag body to make it lie flat.  
The bag has silver cords with cute little beaded ball edges.  The lining is purple satin which is clean but has a paper sticker residue.

Length is 8", height is 7" and width is 1.5".

Japanese Beaded Hand Bag I4259 Bag Vintage

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