Japanese Maekake Traditional Apron Indigo Denim Cotton Longer Length YA76
This is an original shopkeeper's apron from Japan and sewn prior to 1975, the year it was sent to my friend in NY.
It says, " Kaneni Miso" and "Kaneni Soy Sauce".
The first four photos are of one side, the other photos of the opposite side.

These are wonderful, sturdy, washable cotton aprons that identify the shop where once worn.   The characters are resist dyed, not just printed on the background.    Both sides have the images.   In good condition but has some transfer from the blue dye to the ivory in a few spots.    The white characters have blue dye as seen in the photos.
Width is 17.75",  length is 27" plus fringe.   Ties extend 35" from the sides.

Japanese Maekake Traditional Apron Indigo Longer Length YA76