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Michiyuki Kimono Coat H818- hand-stitched by kimono makers in Japan.    May have been previously worn but in excellent condition.
The fabric is a smooth, soft silk in a lovely taupe or mushroom color with yuzen dyed areas of lighter tan and rust.    These dyed areas have beautiful detailed hand dyed chrysanthemum, bell flower and leaf
designs topped of with silk embroidery.    So elegant!

There is one pocket in the front panel.   The coat is lined in a soft silk with ombre coloring .   The entire garment is spotless and fresh.   It is possible that this was never worn. 
These make a great dress or topper worn over leggings.

Features the traditional hanging sleeve of a kimono.  Measures 53" from sleeve tip to tip.  Length is 39" from back of neck to hem.   Michiyuki coats are double breasted and close with covered snaps.  To accommodate the low neckline wear a scarf, camisole or turtleneck under it.  Chest area is 46", hip area is 46".  May fit about a size 14-16.

These garments look best on tall, straight figures.

Kimono Coat - Elegant Silk Kimono Coat - Kimono Coat- Michiyuki H818

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