Scarf I4098A - Really interesting blue silk scarf sewn from a Japanese heiko obi, which I have cut in half.   Heiko obi are softer than standard obi and unlined.  The fabric on this is so cool!  It resembles eyelashes that stick out from the surface about 3/8".     The one end is artfully shibori dyed.   Measures 73" x 22", the shibori dyed end narrows to 12" at the dyed section.


Kimono Scarf I4098A - Soldier Blue Shibori

SKU: I4098A
  • Kimono scarves are neck scarves sewn from bolts of Japanese kimono fabric, originally intended to be made into a kimono jacket or robe.  The bolts of cloth are narrow, between 12-14", so they are a natural choice for scarf making.