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Scarf S1569 -Soft silk chirimen with a little twist in the weave in a lighter blue color on one end and darker blue on the other     The print is very light but has flowers and lovely Japanese porches in orange and green.
This fabric was from a vintage kimono taken apart.  Because the fabric is upcycled it is shorter than my other scarves.
Also, there is a very faint former seam line running the length on ONE side only as seen in the last photo closeup.   The first photo shows the perfect side of the scarf
and the second photo shows the opposite side.
Measures 63" x 6.75 wide.   You might try looping a tape measure at your neck to see how it will fall.

Kimono Scarf S1569 - Medium Blue Diffuse Pattern Silk Chirimen

SKU: S1569
  • Kimono scarves are neck scarves sewn from bolts of Japanese kimono fabric, originally intended to be made into a kimono jacket or robe.  The bolts of cloth are narrow, between 12-14", so they are a natural choice for scarf making.

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