Kimono Scarf S9121 - Soft, fluid silk kimono scarf in brilliant colors sewn from a kimono manufacturer's sample bolt of fabric.

There are 3 distinct patterns in electric colors.    Measures 68" x 5.75".

The fabric has a jacquard weave throughout with an ancient symbol for good luck and prosperity, in Japanese the symbol is called "卍" (manji).  It is not a swastika pattern.

You will see it clearly on the purple areas of the scarf and it appears larger on one long end (photo 6).  In the first photo I have turned the scarf end to the other side.  

The scarf is lovely but has a tiny 3/8" rip in the cloth (photo 7) which is 26" from one long end and 5/7" from the side seam.   It probably won't grow any larger since there is no stress on it.

Would look great worn with black tops.


Kimono Scarf S9121

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  • Kimono scarves are neck scarves sewn from bolts of Japanese kimono fabric, originally intended to be made into a kimono jacket or robe.  The bolts of cloth are narrow, between 12-14", so they are a natural choice for scarf making.

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