Scarf S9178- oblong silk scarf with 3 distinct patterns, each is dyed with a stencil method called bingata.    The patterns are separated with gold bands and one side of the scarf has a little color indicator (photos 5) for the dyer.   The other side of the scarf has just the gold bands in that same area so if you don't like the little color chart, just flip it over.
Measures 68" x 6.75"    Kimono sales reps used these bolts to showcase their kimono patterns.

Kimono Scarf S9178

SKU: S9178
  • Kimono scarves are neck scarves sewn from bolts of Japanese kimono fabric, originally intended to be made into a kimono jacket or robe.  The bolts of cloth are narrow, between 12-14", so they are a natural choice for scarf making.

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