Scarf S9655 -  Stunning soft silk scarf with bursts of garden flowers in lavender and white.   These include peony, mum, bellflower, hibiscus and iris plus more.  Has faux shibori print also and a touch of gold metallic fabric paint.    Measures 64" x 6.5"   
This scarf is a bit shorter than my others since it was sewn from an upcycled kimono panel.  I suggest placing a tape measure on your neck to see how it will fall.

Kimono Scarf S9655 - Lavender Garden Blooms

SKU: S9655
  • Kimono scarves are neck scarves sewn from bolts of Japanese kimono fabric, originally intended to be made into a kimono jacket or robe.  The bolts of cloth are narrow, between 12-14", so they are a natural choice for scarf making.