Obi Pillow COVER ONLY P1067 - 18" square pillow COVER is sewn from cotton/poly striped fabric for sides and back and with an insert of Japanese obi fabric on front.   Has metallic gold thread outlining obi panel.     Matches Pillow Cover P1068

Fabric on back is same as front sides and is a dark gold 1/4" stripe.  Dry clean only.    Obi panel has beautiful images of chrysanthemum, peony and pine in peach, green and blue silk threads.   This obi section has a high silk content.  This is the same obi fabric as Pillow P1044 but the side and back fabric is a darker gold color.

PLEASE NOTE:     DUE TO THE EXORBITANT COST OF SHIPPING A LARGE BOX I have been forced to sell only the pillow covers without the insert.    So the pictured insert is not included.  
These pillows take an 18" square pillow insert.

Obi Pillow Cover P1067

SKU: P1067