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Japanese Silk Kimono Jacket - Silk Kimono Jacket - Soft orange Jacquard KY468   Vintage kimono jacket hand-stitched by kimono makers in Japan In excellent condition. Soft silk haori that appear to be unworn. There are no marks or defects that I can see.

The fabric has a lot going on even though it appears solid color. The shade is a soft orange on the verge of being coral. It has a jacquard weave with vertical lines and a crackle pattern plus it has areas with abstract shapes.Lined in beige silk with gorgeous camellia flowers. 

Features the traditional hanging sleeve of a kimono. Measures 51" from sleeve tip to tip. Length is 31" from back of neck and 33" including collar. Chest area is 49". Haori jackets do not wrap; are worn open. Hip area across the back is 25.5". Close to fitting a size 10-12.

Soft Orange Jacquard KY468 Silk Kimono Jacket

SKU: KY468
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