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Vintage Floral Silk Kimono -  Vintage Japanese Kimono Robe P105
Hand stitched by kimono makers in Japan.   This is a women's robe and it is fully lined.   It's very pretty and drapes well.
The fabric is gorgeous chirimen silk with a watery pastel floral abstract design in pink, blue and gold.  The collar band folds in half inward.
This robe shows no signs of wear and is spotless but for one tiny stain on the lower left sleeve near the body (last photo).

The lining is very clean with 2 kinds of silk.   The pink lower lining is especially pretty.

Measures 54" from sleeve tip to tip and 59" from back neck to the hem.
Chest is 46", hip is 46", sleeve length from shoulder seam to wrist is 13.5" and the drop from the shoulder to the bottom edge is 22".  
Kimono are very long because in Japan they take a horizontal tuck at the waist and wrap the fabric with the obi to keep it in place.

Properly wrapped this would fit about a size 14-16-18 but you could wear it overlapped more loosely or completely open over pants.  You can also display this backwards on the wall with a rod and open the bottom in a fan shape to get a full view.

Vintage Floral Silk Kimono - Vintage Japanese Kimono Robe P105

SKU: P105
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