Haori H153 -  reversible habitue silk kimono jacket for men hand-stitched by kimono makers in Japan     Previously worn but in very good condition
The jacket is black in color and has 5 family crests.
Very soft and smooth.   Habitue silk has a lovely drape to it.   
Lined in a gorgeous brocade fabric with a country house, pine and figures in a boat.   Though this is the lining side you can wear it turned inside out to display this because
all the seams are finished.   There is slight smudging on the back of the right sleeve lining.   Altogether, this garment is in wonderful condition.
Features the traditional wide sleeve of a kimono.   Men's haori do not have the opening under the arm that you see on women's kimono.

Measures 52" from sleeve tip to tip.   Length is 41" from back of neck and 43" including collar.  Chest area is 47".  Haori jackets do not wrap, are worn open.  Hip area across the back is 26".   Sleeve from underarm to wrist is 13".   Women who can't fit into a traditional female's kimono jacket often buy these jackets.
Please note all measurement because this jacket was sewn for the Japanese male figure and may not fit a westerner unless they are smaller in stature.  The sleeve length, in particular,
will be short.
These haori also look fabulous hung on a rod or length of bamboo for wall decor.

Vintage Japanese Kimono - Men's Silk Kimono Jacket - Haori- Kimono Jacket H153

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