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Haori H645-  kimono jacket hand-stitched by kimono makers in Japan     Previously worn but exterior and interior are in good condition.  Show stopping silk jacket with a dappled jacquard weave.   Areas are resist dyed with cloud and flower buds and flower circlets.  
This is an older jacket with a history so there are areas of dye transfer and stains.   Please don't expect this to be perfect but enjoy the vintage nature
of the garment.    It is rare to get a piece like this now.    The last photo is the back of the left sleeve, which has the largest area of stain.    When worn this will not be so visible.       
The lining is a beautiful printed silk in hot pink with lovely ume (plum) blossoms.   There is minor patina on the lining.
Features the traditional hanging sleeve of a kimono.  Measures 49" from sleeve tip to tip.   Length is 37" from back of neck and 39" including collar.  Chest area is 46".  Haori jackets do not wrap, are worn open.  Hip area across the back is 23.5".   Fits near size 8-10-12.   I am 5'3" and it falls a few inches below my knees in length.   You could put a zipper down the front of this and wear it as a dress!

Vintage Japanese Kimono - Purple Silk Kimono Jacket- Haori- Kimono Jacket H645

SKU: H645
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