Haori H180- Wonderful shibori dyed silk kimono jacket hand-stitched by kimono makers in Japan     Previously worn but exterior and interior are in good condition for its age.  

Black silk jacket with shibori dyeing.   The fabric is a jacquard weave with a crinkled texture.   This has been resist dyed to leave small chains of white that run vertically.   There are also small dots tied off in the same manner.   A few of the larger dots have minor patina, which makes them less than pure white due to oxidation over time.   But you have to be pretty close
to notice any of this.   The jacket would look smashing with a red top or accessories.  
Lined in a pretty ivory silk with celery green abstract patterns.

Features the traditional hanging sleeve of a kimono.  Measures 50.5" from sleeve tip to tip.   Length is 29" from back of neck and 31" including collar.  Chest area is 46".  Haori jackets do not wrap, are worn open.  Hip area across the back is 23.5".   Fits near size 6-8-10.   This one is a bit smaller than my other stock.

Vintage Japanese Kimono - Shibori Dyed Silk Kimono Jacket- Haori- Jacket

SKU: H180