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Kimono Jacket TX4 - kimono jacket hand-stitched by kimono makers in Japan Previously worn but exterior and interior are in good condition.

Off white silk crepe with aqua and turquoise floral and leaf patterns dyed with stencils. There are chrysanthemum, bamboo, maple and plum blossom prints.
Lined in soft ivory silk jacquard. The lining is discolored from age at the seams. This won't affect wear and is on the interior.
This jacket is vintage and though it has no stains or tears the very edges around the exterior sleeve seams look just a tiny bit yellowed. The very bottom of the jacket at the center back edge also looks a tiny bit faded.
Features the traditional hanging sleeve of a kimono. Measures 52" from sleeve tip to tip. Length is 29.5" from back of neck and 31.5" including collar. Chest area is 48". Haori jackets do not wrap, are worn open. Hip area across the back is 26". Fits near size 10-12-14.

Vintage Japanese Kimono - Silk Kimono Jacket- Haori- Kimono Jacket TX4

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