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Vintage Japanese Silk Brocade Fabric Bag H1190 Purse - vintage Japanese bag with silk and metallic threads fabric. The threads are shiny, making it dressy in nature.
The fabric has a glow from the metallic threads which are very bright gold with a touch of green and white. The design on the front has floral patterns below a bowed shape,
possibly suggesting a bridge?
The outside fabric is very clean and intact. The back of the bag is pretty with just a little less of the same design.

Measures 8" in length, 6" high and 1.5" wide. Lined in gold taffeta fabric with 1 small inside pocket. The lining is very clean but has a tiny area where the glued fabric is lighter.
Has a metal chain with 7" drop. The shiny gold chain is on hinges which fold flat to hide the chain inside the bag for a clutch style.

Vintage Japanese Silk Brocade Fabric Hand Bag H1190 Purse

SKU: H1190
$60.00 Regular Price
$53.00Sale Price
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