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Vintage Japanese Silk Brocade Fabric Bag H378B Purse - vintage Japanese bag with silk and metallic threads fabric. The threads are shiny, making it dressy in nature.
The fabric has a glow from the metallic threads which are gold and pink with a touch of coral. The design on the front is floral with a water pattern.  The back of the bag is ombre shaded.
One side of the bag has a tiny ink mark next to the hinged area (photo 7) but it doesn't show in the photo. The other side has a tiny smudge on the edge.
The front of the back has a pinhole sized dot on it to the left of center (photo 5) and I think it is a metallic thread that poked thru the pink area. It's not a stain.
Measures 9" in length, 5.5" high and 2" wide. Lined in gold taffeta fabric with two small inside pockets. The lining is very clean.
Has a metal chain with 7" drop. The chain is on hinges which fold flat to hide the chain inside the bag for a clutch style. It is also quite tarnished but maybe could
be polished?

Vintage Japanese Silk Brocade Fabric Hand Bag H378B Purse

SKU: H378B
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