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Vintage Japanese Silk Brocade Fabric Bag H869 Purse - vintage Japanese bag with silk brocade fabric.    The pink silk is variegated in color and the jacquard weave is on the diagonal.
The color is pink leaning towards orchid.
The fabric is clean with perhaps a bit of fading from time.

Measures 8" in length, 5" high and 2.25" wide.   Lined in gold taffeta fabric which is clean  with 2 small interior pockets.

Has a metal chain with 6.5" drop.  The chain is on hinges which fold flat to hide the chain inside the bag for a clutch style.
The chain is darker silver than the metal rims of the bag and must be tarnished.
The clasp has a bit of discoloration.

Vintage Japanese Silk Brocade Fabric Hand Bag H869 Purse

SKU: H869
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