Japanese Bag H431A- vintage Japanese bag with silk and metallic threads in the fabric.    The threads are shiny, making it dressy in nature.
The fabric has an iridescent glow from the metallic threads which are orange and gold.  There are 3 small fan shapes on the front and a pretty little clasp.
There are two tiny nicks in the piping that decorates the bag but they are close to the bottom edge.
Measures  8" in length, 5.5" high and 2.5" wide.   Lined in pale gold taffeta fabric which has some stains and 2 inside small pockets.   
The gold colored hardware has some scratches on the INSIDES of the bag.
Has gold chain with 6.5" drop.  The chain is on hinges which fold flat to hide the chain inside the bag for a clutch style.

Vintage Japanese Silk Metallic Fabric Bag H431A

SKU: H431A