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Vintage Shibori Dyed Silk Kimono -  Vintage Japanese Kimono Robe H171
Hand stitched by kimono makers in Japan.   This is a traditional nagajuban, the kimono worn under a man's more formal robe.   It's uber soft and smooth.
The fabric is a nice silk habitue which has been resist dyed with large areas of color blocking.  The fabric was stitched to conceal areas which were dipped into dye.
So there are interesting borders along those lines.   In addition there are white areas of kanoko, the fawn dot pattern.  The form characters which I think represent some aspect
of the Japanese version of chess.

This is an older garment so it is not in perfect condition.  There are areas of fading and discoloration and streaking of color. But I don't see any holes are tears.
The lining has stains at center back hem, probably from walking in muddy areas. There are a few other marks on the lining but nothing too upsetting.

Measures 52" from sleeve tip to tip and 52" from back neck to the hem.
Chest is 51", hip is 51", sleeve length from shoulder seam to wrist is 13" and the drop from the shoulder to the bottom edge is 19".  
This was sewn for a Japanese man so it will only fit a westerner with the above measurements and the sleeve length is bound to be short.
That said, I find these fit a woman who is about size 8-10-12 quite nicely.    They don't have to be hemmed, look slimming, and fantastic worn open over pants!

You can also display this backwards on the wall with a rod and open the bottom in a fan shape to get a full view.

Vintage Shibori Dyed Silk Kimono - Vintage Japanese Kimono Robe H171

SKU: H171
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