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Vintage Silk Kimono - Vintage Japanese Kimono Robe H773
Hand stitched by kimono makers in Japan.   This is a women's robe and it is unlined and light weight.   The cloth is called ro, or ventilated weave because it has tiny air spaces between
the threads for summer wear. This makes it semi-sheer also.   The pattern is grasses with lime, rust and lilac floral clusters.
This is a silk fabric and has some patina from age.
There is a line straight across the right shoulder (last photo), a line on the right collar band near the face where the collar folds inward (9th photo), two tiny tea colored
spots on the right shoulder, and some yellowing on the back right panel way down by the hip.   Still, the pattern is so lovely and this is easy to throw on for fun.

Measures 52" from sleeve tip to tip and 59" from back neck to the hem.
Chest is 44", hip is 44", sleeve length from shoulder seam to wrist is 13" and the drop from the shoulder to the bottom edge is 19".  
Kimono are very long because Japanese wearers take a horizontal tuck at the waist and wrap the fabric with the obi to keep it in place.   Hemming it is rather
easy since it is straight across the bottom edge.

Properly wrapped this would fit about a size 10-12-14 but you could wear it overlapped less tightly or completely open over pants.

Vintage Unlined Summer Weight Silk Kimono - Vintage Japanese Kimono Robe H773

SKU: H773
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