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Haori BB8 - meisen silk kimono jacket hand-stitched by kimono makers in Japan     Previously worn and in nice condition granted the age of it

Smooth woven silk from mid-century Japan of cloth called meisen, which was very popular at the time    This is also a kasuri fabric, a resist dyed method of tying off the cloth 
to form gently fuzzy lines in the weave.
The fabric is crisp, not flowing, but light weight and this one is softer than most.
This haori has a discoloration on the center back seam near the collar band and a stain on the lower right front panel (last photo), and a light spot on upper right shoulder, but is otherwise is nice shape with just very minor color changes from age and a few tiny spots in unimportant places!
Lined in a riotous orange silk print with just a few spots.
Please don't expect this to be perfect.   It can be fun to wear if you embrace the vintage nature and I priced it accordingly.

Features the traditional hanging sleeve of a kimono.  Measures 50" from sleeve tip to tip.   Length is 33.5" from back of neck and 35.5" including collar.  Chest area is 46".  Haori jackets do not wrap, are worn open.  Hip area across the back is 23.5".   Fits near size 8-10.   Kimono of this type look best on taller, straighter figures, rather than curvy ones.


Vintage Japanese Kimono - Meisen Silk Kimono Jacket- Haori- Kimono Jacket BB8

$90.00 Regular Price
$81.00Sale Price
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